Teacher Support Materials

Scope and sequence charts

Sentence stems, high-frequency words, key vocabulary, and reading strategies for the books at each of the reading stages.

Phonics and phonemic awareness charts

The systematic and explicit sequence of phonemic awareness and phonics for the books at each of the reading stages.

Reading across the curriculum charts

Text types, text features, curriculum links, key concepts, and content vocabulary for the books at each of the reading stages.

Records of reading behavior

Records of reading behavior are provided for one of each of the pairs at each reading stage. Teachers can assess accuracy, fluency, and comprehension, then make a learning plan for the student.

Assessment Checklists

Ongoing assessment forms part of each teaching sequence and informs instruction. Teachers use the ongoing assessment checklists to record the progress of individual students using the reading strategies for each book. The checklists for each reading stage are provided.

Getting started with Flying Start to Literacy

For information on getting started teaching Flying Start to Literacy.


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