Lift Off to Literacy™ Program Components

, Lift Off to Literacy™ Program Components

Big Books

Eighteen appealing Big Books—stories, rhymes and informational texts:

  • capture the readers’ attention and ensure group participation and engagement
  • are ideal to introduce early literacy skills and concepts of print
  • use rhyme, rhythm and repetition in the narrative titles
  • introduce science and mathematical concepts in the informational texts
  • link to the Vocabulary Starters.

, Lift Off to Literacy™ Program Components

Vocabulary Starters

, Lift Off to Literacy™ Program Components

A Vocabulary Starter links to each book. This link provides the teacher with the opportunity to explore the vocabulary related to the specific topic of the book.

The Vocabulary Starters:

  • use unambiguous, full-color photographs to introduce vocabulary which builds on the concept of the book
  • provide a variety of suggestions to develop oral language.

Small Books

Small-Book versions of the Big Books extend the shared reading experience. Using the reading pen, students listen and read along.

, Lift Off to Literacy™ Program Components

Reading Pens

The Reading Pens are preloaded with recordings of all 18 Lift Off to LiteracyTM titles.

The Reading Pens:

  • are durable, safe and easy to use
  • enable readers to listen and follow text, reinforcing key vocabulary and foundational skills
  • encourage listening and reading enjoyment
  • provide encouragement and motivation for students who need additional support
  • are excellent support for English Language Learners, Lift Off to Literacy™ Program Components

Lesson Plans and Program Overview

Easy-to-follow Lesson Plan Cards are provided for each Big Book. These plans include explicit instruction to guide teachers through multiple readings of the text. When revisiting the book, there are suggestions for modeling and teaching specific foundational skills.

These skills include:

  • phonemic awareness
  • phonics
  • oral language
  • fluency
  • print concepts
  • modeled writing

The Lift Off to LiteracyTM Program Overview provides teaching instruction for using a shared reading approach and correlates all titles to college and career readiness standards.

, Lift Off to Literacy™ Program Components