Program Materials

Student Books for Small Group Work and Guided Reading

Flying Start to Literacy supports the systematic development of reading strategies and skills in young students. It begins with oral language, then builds vocabulary, increases phonemic awareness, builds
letter-sound relationships, develops print knowledge, and promotes comprehension.

The Flying Start to Literacy program contains:

  • 292 Student Books (146 paired texts) organized into 9 Developmental Reading Stages
  • 146 Lesson Plans on sturdy laminated cards (1 per pair of titles)
  • 134 Take-Home Books, one for each pair of books
  • 18 Vocabulary Starters in the Early Emergent Stage only
  • Digital Activities in the Early Emergent Stage only
  • At the Advanced Fluent Stages, each set of Paired Texts is augmented with an additional Perspectives volume, and each of these is supported with its own Lesson Plan.

For information about FlyingStart’s shared reading component, Lift Off to Literacy, click on the black tab at the top of this page.

An overview of the reading strategies for each book by stage can be seen on the Scope and Sequence Charts. Reading Across the Curriculum Charts detail text features and content vocabulary for each title. These can be found under the Teacher Support Materials tab.

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