Getting Started with Flying Start to Literacy

    • Group students with similar learning needs, 4 to 6 students in a group is ideal for most.
    • Select a pair of books at the appropriate reading level for the students in the group, taking into account the students’ learning needs and interests.
    • Decide which book you will teach first.
    • Conduct the reading lesson with the students (supportive Lesson Plans are provided for each pair of books).
    • During the lesson, assess students’ reading informally. The Lesson Plans provide assessment points.
    • Have the students complete activities related to the specific book (see Lesson Plans for an extensive list of possible activities).
    • Teach the second book in the same way.
  • Have students work through the “talking about the pair” activities to synthesize the ideas about the topic presented in each book.
  • Repeat with other books from the same reading level or move on to a more challenging level according to
    students’ learning.

, Getting Started with Flying Start to Literacy